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Can I Floss With Fastbraces?

Can I Floss With Fastbraces?

Yes!  A floss threader can help you slip the floss between the braces.

- Once the floss is in place, hold it between your forefingers, about an inch apart.

- Using a gentle sawing motion, guide the floss between your teeth. Do not snap it in place.

- When the floss reaches the gum-line, hold it against the tooth and gently slide it into the space between the gum and tooth.

- When you feel resistance, gently rub the side of the tooth moving the floss away from the gum.

- Rinse your teeth to wash away food or other particles that you removed with the floss.

At Downtown Dental Care we believe that it should be easy to experience having straight teeth. Fastbraces is a safe, effective and affordable way to be able to have straight teeth. In usually 3-12 months (instead of 2-4 years), you can have the smile you always wanted. Since it takes less time, it is also less money - and with a patient satisfaction commitment! Fastbraces is for children and adults.

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