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December 20, 2012
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Has a painful past experience given you a fear of the dentist? Do you fear getting bad news about your dental health? Whatever the reason, you’re not alone — many Americans are simply skipping visits to the dentist. Overall, about 65 percent of us go to the dentist, but in some states, that number is much lower.  This is more than unfortunate — it can be downright dangerous, because regular dental visits are a key component of overall dental health. We use our teeth multiple times a day, every day. They take on a lot of abuse, so coming in at least twice a year gives us an opportunity to assess any changes that can be easily addressed. If problems are caught early, the solutions are easy, quick, and inexpensive. But a cavity left undiagnosed can lead to a toothache, requiring much more extensive and costly treatments. At Downtown Dental Care - we can help you! We will make your dental visit comfortable and affordable.  Call us today at 561-623-9935 or request an appointment online -