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Why Take More Time and Spend More Money To Straigthen Teeth?

Why Take More Time and Spend More Money to Straighten Teeth?

Fastbraces ® were first introduce about 20 Years ago.  Since Fastbraces ® were introduced, they’ve helped numerous people achieve straighter smiles!  Fastbraces ® are being used all around the world!

Fastbraces ® work differently than traditional braces.  The technology utilized in Fastbraces ® is simply amazing!  Fastbraces ® decrease the amount of time a patient would have to wear braces by moving both the root and crown of your teeth at the same time.  A Fastbraces® patient should experience less discomfort with Fastbraces ® than they would with traditional braces.  University research shows Fasbraces ® cause less sensitivity.

Some Fastbraces ® patients finish their treatment as quickly as three months, and can be worn by adults, teenagers and children. Since it takes less time, it also costs less money!  And, there is a patient satisfaction commitment!

Downtown Dental Care is the original Fastbraces ® office in the Palm Beaches area offering Fastbraces®.  At Downtown Dental Care, we are ready to help you love your smile -- maybe even for the first time!  Call today to schedule a Free Consultation.  We can answer any questions you may have.

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